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Taco Gear Small Business Week Taco Shirts

Livin' a Dream

This week is National Small Business week. As grateful and thankful as I am that you all support my dream here at Taco Gear, it's special weeks like this that really bring things into perspective. I want to take the time to say Thank You. Thank you for supporting small businesses like mine. Small businesses are the individual dreams of many and it's a blessing and an honor to live out mine. 

How it Started

For those of you who don't know, Taco Gear started when I was looking for a good taco shirt back in 2015. At that time there weren't many options. I've been a designer for over a decade and a taco lover all my life, so it made sense that I would just design my own! That's where it all started and it's been taco lovin' fun ever since! Since this journey started, I've had the chance to connect with so many taco lovers from all over the place. We've also connected with a ton of taquerias, taco trucks, restaurants, bloggers, filmakers, authors and so many more amazing people.

We're not going anywhere

The opportunities keep coming because of taco lovers like you who continue to support me. I am a small business and I am damn proud of how much this has grown in 2 years. 

We are the only brand dedicated to tacos and we're not going anywhere. Each year is getting better and there's so much more in store for 2017! So here's to YOU, the ones who support me and my taco dreams. 

From the bottom of my taco loving heart, THANK YOU! Cheers! 

"Long Live the Taco!"

Gerald Flores
Designer | Taco Lover

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