We made tacos (and filmed it)!

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The truth is, so many of us make tacos. Tacos are some of the most popular food on the planet for good reason, they’re delicious. Aside from how delicious and flavorful they are, one of the biggest reasons I love tacos so much is that they are a part of my culture, a culture that is full of so much passion and pride. I’m talking about real tacos, tacos with carne (meat), spice and a whole lot of love! That’s right, LOVE. If you’re not putting love into the tacos you make, you might as well be eating some damn rice cakes.

Here at Taco Gear, my wife and I make tacos as often as we can. This past Friday night I decided to grab my camera and capture some footage. You’ll see her doing most of the prep work as I man the camera. I jump in at the end to assemble some tacos. Check out my face in the video, it describes my version of heaven. Enjoy the video below, and please share it with all your taco loving friends!

"Long Live the Taco!"

Gerald Flores
Designer | Taco Lover 

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