Taco Journalist to Make Tacos the Official Food of Texas

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A good friend of ours, Mando Rayo with Taco Journalism and The Tacos of Texas, is on a mission to make Tacos the official food of Texas. We support this movement 100% and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Texas State Representative Gina Hinojosa filed the bill to make tacos the official food of Texas. The details of this bill can be found later in this post. They're pretty awesome.

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Why not tacos?! That’s the real question. This should have been done a long time ago and Mando is the perfect person to do it. In Texas, we eat more tacos than any other food. Tacos are an enormous part of our culture and ultimately bring so many of us together in just about any situation. Texans love tacos!

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Trust us. He is. We met Mando about 2 years ago not too long after we started Taco Gear. It didn’t take long to see the passion and expertise Mando had when it came to tacos. Together with co-author Jarod Neece, filmmaker Dennis Burnett and photographer Marco Torres, Mando and his team set out on a journey to discover the Tacos of Texas. This journey was documented extremely well. Restaurants, taco trucks, trailers, taqueros, home cooks and more, were interviewed for what became the ultimate taco book. There are some amazing stories in the book that were told beautifully. The book is also full of taco recipes! You can find your copy right here. Oh, and yes, I (Gerald Flores) am in the book too! I had the opportunity to join the Texas Taco Council and show these guys around my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas! 


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You can sign the petition to continue showing support for this bill right here. You can also just keep on eating tacos! Take a moment and reflect on how happy tacos make you. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Seriously though, who doesn’t like tacos? I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t, and I’m not sure how I'd react if I ever did. 

"Long Live the Taco!"

Gerald Flores
Designer | Taco Lover

Oh, you have to watch this video. It's perfect!

Chili is currently the official food of Texas but not for long.


Bill: HCR 110 Legislative
Session: 85(R) Council
Document: 85R 14323 KSM-D
Last Action: 03/10/2017 H Filed
Caption Version: Introduced
Caption Text: Designating tacos as the official state food of Texas.
Author: Hinojosa, Gina
Subjects: Resolutions--Official Designations--State Symbols (I0718)

By:  Hinojosa H.C.R. No. 110


WHEREAS, From El Paso to Texarkana, from Texline to Brownsville, from the Rio Grande to the Red River, Texans consume a lot of tacos, and most of the other foods Texans enjoy, including brisket, sausage, eggs, chorizo, beans, and seafood, are that much better when served in the warm embrace of a tortilla; and

WHEREAS, While the exact origins of the taco are uncertain, this staple of Mexican cuisine is thought to have been around at least as long as the Lone Star State, and it has been wholeheartedly adopted as a mainstay of Texas dining; and

WHEREAS, Texans have strong opinions about whether flour or corn tortillas reign supreme, and as far as fillings go, we delight in such traditional choices as pork al pastor, beef barbacoa, and chicken fajita, and we also appreciate the more exotic ingredients that have been pressed into service, including everything from octopus to elk to kimchi fried rice; our state is believed to be the birthplace of the breakfast taco, and although Texans have yet to arrive at a consensus regarding which region deserves recognition for the best breakfast tacos, we are happy to indulge in the spirited debate and taste testing related to this serious issue; and

WHEREAS, One thing Texans can agree on is that, despite the availability of tacos in the other 49 states, the tastiest tacos can be found in the great State of Texas; and

WHEREAS, The Texas Legislature has recognized a variety of state symbols as tangible representations of the proud character and colorful heritage of the Lone Star State; while tortilla chips and salsa make for a satisfying state snack and chili is worthy of its selection as the official state dish, the taco, which needs no dish and can be hearty enough to serve as a meal all by itself, is indeed deserving of a place at the table; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the 85th Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designate tacos as the official state food of Texas.


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Already signed the bill! Long live the taco!

Nathanael "Wero" April 12, 2017

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