The Shirt That Unites Us!

Taco Gear Creation of Unity Shirt

It just hit me

I came across a photo of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" which many of us have seen so many times in our lives. This time I had tacos on my mind, who I am kidding, I ALWAYS have tacos on my mind!

Seriously though, I had just finished reading some rant on facebook that was clearly dividing people in the comments. I hardly pay any attention to those posts anymore. That's just negative energy I don't need. I put my phone down and BAM, this idea hit me. 

So I pulled up the painting again. This time I saw something completely different and smiled. I saw what unites us all. 

Taco Gear Creation of Unity Shirt

Famous Taco Words

I thought about every place I have ever worked and the two phrases that brought everyone together. "I brought tacos." or "I'm getting tacos, does anyone want any?". Those are some heavenly words right there. Faces light up and smiles spread wide. 

Taco Gear Creation of Unity Shirt

Discriminate? Hell no. 

Tacos do not care who you are, where you're from, what your skin color is, race, religion, favorite sports team, sexual orientation. Tacos do not discriminate and neither do we. 

Taco Gear Creation of Unity Shirt

The One Thing

No matter what happens in this world and how divided we are, there is one thing that can bring us together, and that's our love for tacos. Period. 

Taco Gear Creation of Unity Shirt

I am so very proud and excited to share this new taco shirt design with you guys, my Taco Gear family! Please share this message with everyone you know, then go get yourself some tacos!

Grab the new shirt right HERE!

"Long Live the Taco!"

Gerald Flores
Founder | Designer | Taco Lover


Great idea and great art!

Lydia April 02, 2017

This is probably my all time favorite design! The smile on my fav is HUGE when I’m offering to pick up tacos or when someone offers to pick them up for me! Tacos unite people and I love it!

Thanks for coming up with awesome designs so we can all share the love we have for tacos!!

Ariana Shankasaurus March 31, 2017

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