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The Taco Chair

This series tells the story of people I find interesting and of course, always includes tacos. Enjoy!


Javi Luna
S01 - E06

I did my best not to laugh during this episode of The Taco Chair with comedian Javi Luna. Javi is quickly rising in the comedy scene thanks to his South Texas humor and unique view on everything we relate to. We sit down with Javi to talk about his comedy and of course, tacos!


Alex Chapa
S01 - E05

This is Episode 05 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Alex Chapa of Moonstone'd Pottery. What could be more perfect than tacos? Well, a perfect handmade mug to enjoy your cafecito with.  Check out the ceramic mug she makes on camera. Alex talks about her love for pottery and of course, tells us her favorite taco.   


Maria Almeida-Rea
S01 - E04

This is Episode 04 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Maria Almeida-Rea of Sweet Rose Cupcakes. She talks about how she started and of course TACOS! She also makes a kick-ass Rainbow Unicorn Drip Cake for us.


Elena Flores
S01 - E03

This is Episode 03 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Elena Flores of Sew Bonita. She talks about her love for sewing and of course TACOS!


Omar Arellano
S01 - E02

This is Episode 02 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Omar Arellano. Omar talks about all his love for cooking, how he started and then makes us some DELICIOUS tacos. 


Mayra Zamora
S01 - E01

This is Episode 01 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Mayra Zamora. Mayra is one of the most talented artists I have ever met. Listen to her talk about her favorite taco and her love for art.