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The Taco Chair

This series tells the story of people I find interesting and of course, always includes tacos. Enjoy!

Elena Flores
S01 - E03

This is Episode 03 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Elena Flores of Sew Bonita. She talks about her love for sewing and of course TACOS!


Omar Arellano
S01 - E02

This is Episode 02 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Omar Arellano. Omar talks about all his love for cooking, how he started and then makes us some DELICIOUS tacos. 


Mayra Zamora
S01 - E01

This is Episode 01 of The Taco Chair, featuring - Mayra Zamora. Mayra is one of the most talented artists I have ever met. Listen to her talk about her favorite taco and her love for art.