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Taco Shirts from Taco Gear

Taco Gear has been designing taco shirts and apparel since 2015. It all started when I couldn't find anything out there that I would wear, so I decided to launch my own brand and it all blew up from there. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, it's the perfect time to get to know the Taco Gear brand!

Taco Gear Huls Taco Truck Shirt

I've been a designer for over a decade and a taco lover all my life. The idea for this brand just made perfect sense to me. I wanted to create a brand that celebrated the taco and had fun while doing it. 

Taco Gear Taco Astros Shirt

Every taco shirt design is pretty much a glimpse into the constant taco phrases, words or pop culture ideas that come into my head. 

Taco Gear Culture Cow Taco Shirt

The great thing about this brand is that I get to have a lot of fun with it while expressing my creativity blended with my culture. 

Taco Gear Taco Vibes Shirt

Like many latinos, tacos have been a huge part of my life. They were pretty much a part of every meal growing up.

Tacos Recuerdos Selena Taco Gear Taco Shirt

Now, as an adult (35 years at of this post), I get to reflect on my childhood, my culture, and what tacos really mean to me. 

Taco Gear makes taco shirts for taco lovers. It's that simple. Grab a shirt, share it with a friend, but more importantly, go get some tacos!

Gerald Flores

Designer | Taco Lover


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