Clear The List (Supplies for Classrooms)


I reached out to some teachers in need on social media and they provided me with these lists of needed supplies for their classrooms. 

HERE'S HOW (3 easy steps):

1. Click on any list below to purchase an item for a teacher in need. 

Each teacher has put their list together and shared a link with me. These are the items they are needing for their classroom. 

2. Choose any item (or items) and add it to your cart. 

ANYTHING helps. If you can only purchase one thing, that's great and will be very much appreciated. If you can buy more, go for it.

3. At checkout, you'll see the teacher's list registry as a shipping selection. 

The teacher's item(s) will be shipped directly to the address they provided. 

That's it! Thank you so much!

If any of the lists below are already filled (which would be awesome), just check another list. 

Ashley Chesser's List >>

Melba Lee's List >>

Amber Tree's List >>

Loraine Tijerina's List >>

Amy Salmeron's List >>

Sarah Streight's List >>

Leif Johnson's List >>

Kristen Greene's List >>

Lacie J. Beall's List >>

If you're reading this, you're awesome. Thanks for taking a look at these lists and helping wherever you can. Again, anything helps. If you're not able to help, please share this with anyone you can.  
Gerald Flores
Designer | Taco Lover



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