Taco Deck Playing Cards (Version 1)

$ 15

Hey - If you missed your chance on Version 1 of the Taco Deck (this one), we're sorry, but stay tuned for Version 2 coming to Kickstarter (TBA)

This is (was) the first edition of a hope-to-be series of TACO inspired playing cards. That's right, TACOS. Created by Taco Gear® and printed by the United States Playing Card Co. The USPCC is the same company that prints those Bicycle Poker Cards most of us have in our homes. This design will not be re-printed.

This deck has all the elements of what I think about when I think of TACOS and my culture. Tacos, Taco Trucks, Luchador Masks, Avocados and Peppers, etc.

Custom Taco Inspired:

  • Back Design
  • Tuck Box
  • Ace of Spades
  • Jokers

This deck has been a long time coming. I've been collecting other creators deck designs for years now and after launching a successful kickstarter campaign, these decks were funded and printed. The remaining decks from the batch are now up for sale here on Taco Gear®

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