The woman behind our Taco Gear Taco Bags: Sew Bonita

Sew Bonita

You're about to meet the talent behind our Taco Gear Taco Bags. If you've seen some of our Taco Bags, you know they're fun. When it came time to finally get our ideas into the hands of a professional, I went straight to the women I knew was perfect for the task. Meet my wife, Elena Flores with SewBonita. I asked her a few questions about her process and her company Sew Bonita. Photos by @strangergabe


What motivated you to start Sew Bonita?

My late mother always wanted me to sew, and I refused to learn. I have always been a creative person. And to be honest, I just wanted to learn something new. It came very easy to me. I find all my inspiration from my culture, and Mexican heritage. Everything I do is directly derivative from it. 

Sew Bonita

What's your process?

When it comes to sewing. I buy unique fabrics to correlate with the Mexican culture. Vibrant, chic patterns that are colorful, loud and will make great accessories. I wash all my fabrics, iron, measure and cut before any sewing takes place, which is a time consuming process, however, extremely necessary for the best result.  Taco Gear Taco bags

"I loved making the taco bags!"

Taco Gear Taco Bags

How does your Mexican culture shape you and Sew Bonita?

How does your Mexican cultural heritage shape who you are and what you create? My Mexican culture is everything to me. It defines me, my morals, my value, my life and my world. I love every aspect of it, and appreciate everything I have known to love about it. Growing up on the border of Eagle Pass, Texas has shaped me to the woman I have become. I look back at my life there, and I know that my creativity and my vision for Sew Bonita is a result of it. My roots are grounded in my Mexican culture.

Sew Bonita

What are your most popular products?

Our most popular bag is our Loteria bag, which sell out every time. Anybody that has played Loteria knows how special that game is, and Im sure it brings back so many memories. It's a big part of our upbringing, growing up and playing with the family. We restock those bags once those sell out, and can be found on our Sew Bonita website. From our tshirt line, our Chingona shirt is the most popular one by far. Women are definitely owning that word, and recognizing their chingonaness I love that Sew Bonita is a part of the movement!

Sew Bonita

What does Chingona mean to you?

Ahaha! I love this question. Yes, Chingona can mean a badass, but it also means so much more. To me, a Chingona is a woman that beats to her own drum. A woman that defies what society/culture tells her to do. It means standing out and not conforming to expectations. I want for women to feel empowered. That they are capable of anything. That being a Latina does not mean being of lesser value in any aspect of life. Once a woman identifies being a Chingona...she's unstoppable. 


Thanks Taco Lovers!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. It was important for me to share the Sew Bonita story with you guys. Elena is an amazing person and I absolutely LOVE what she is doing with her brand. If you have a moment, check out all her stuff on As always, thanks for supporting all my crazy taco shirt designs and ideas with Taco Gear.

"Long Live the Taco!"

Gerald Flores
Founder | Designer | Taco Lover

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