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A Taco Lover Hits SXSW

Hello Taco Fans! Let’s cut to the chase. My wife and I went to SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin this year and had a blast. A good friend gifted us two film badges, and being the film geeks we are,

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Tacos Campechanos Recipe

It wasn't too long ago that we ran into WERO Kitchen on Instagram. He joined the Taco Gear family by purchasing his first shirt from us. Naturally, I was grateful as I always am. I looked at his profile and fell in love with his photography, blog and 

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The woman behind our Taco Gear Taco Bags: Sew Bonita

You're about to meet the talent behind our Taco Gear Taco Bags. If you've seen some of our Taco Bags, you know they're fun. When it came time to finally get our ideas into the hands of a professional, I went straight to the women I knew was perfect for the task. Meet my wife, Elena Flores with SewBonita. I asked her a few questions about her process and her company Sew Bonita.

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Why I Designed a New Look for Taco Gear + Sneak Peak

There's a little surprise for you at the end of this post. Check out the new look below. A Growing Community What started as a fun side project combining my love for tacos and design, has turned into a Taco Gear community that has grown tremendously. Tacos have no drama, they bring people together, so it only makes sense that Taco Shirts and other gear are doing the same. Our taco designs bring smiles to people and spark up conversations with strangers.  A New Direction The early stages of Taco Gear were all about getting taco shirt designs and other gear out there. While we had a logo, I felt we didn't truly have a look that we could stand...

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