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How to end any conversation

Trust me, if you follow the story being told in these photos, you’ll agree we’ve come up with the best way to end any conversation. In perfect Taco Gear style, this involves tacos. Let me also be completely upfront when I say    

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We made tacos (and filmed it)!

The truth is, so many of us make tacos. Tacos are some of the most popular food on the planet and for good reason, they’re delicious! I’m talking about real tacos, tacos with meat, spice and a whole lot of love! That’s right, LOVE. If you’re not putting love into

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A Taco Lover Thank You

This week is National Small Business week. As grateful and thankful as I am that you all support my dream here at Taco Gear, it's special weeks like this that really

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The Shirt That Unites Us!

I came across a photo of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" which many of us have seen so many times in our lives. This time I had tacos on my mind, who I am kidding, I ALWAYS have tacos on

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